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Help a family with a fresh start for a Bright Future

Welcome all kind hearted people! I am looking for your generous donations to help me and my young family have a new start. 2 of our children were born prematurely and we are behind in bills both medical and household. I am a stay at home mother with our two youngest children as the baby came home on a heart monitor and now is doing better but still needs special care. Additionally I have always had the desire to attend graduate school and may have an opportunity but I need $28,000 in order to get started. I do not want to take out loans as it will only add to our debt. Nevertheless my main concern is paying off our bills so that we can really focus on our family.
I do not feel shame in asking because you can only receive when you ask. Who know who may have the resources to assist our family.
I am truly hopeful!

Please email with donations and feel free to ask questions as well.

Many Blessings!

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